Windows to Unix Cross Development

To link a Unix program from Windows you will need access to the various libraries necessary to link a program. You can copy the files to your Windows machine or access them via a network file share.

Implicit Unix shared objects

For the environment to be able to find the shared object files for linking you need to setup the LIB/SO environment Directories option. Normally this option is left blank on a "native" system, but it is necessary for cross development. It is only necessary to add this directory to the RTL project. All projects which import the RTL project will find the shared objects via RTL project.

Tip: The runtime library build script automatically handles cross linking by looking for the shared object in a specific directory within the install directory. If the file is found then the directory is added to the LIB/SO directory option.

crosslink\linux - this directory contains the Linux shared object files

crosslink\sunos - this directory contains the SunOS/Solaris shared object files.