Implicit Unix shared objects


Sometimes Linux system shared object files are not really shared object files, but are Gnu linker script files. Our linker parses a minimal set of Gnu linker script commands in order to transparently handle these situations. When cross linking however, you will need to edit the Gnu script to remove the file path information from the files listed. The files listed in the GROUP script command are the files that the linker will link, so you will need access to those files for cross linking. is always a Gnu script. We have never seen an installation where it was not.


Other libraries may be needed, if you import certain API DEF modules into your program. You can deal with these on an as needed basis since you will get a file not found error from the linker when one of these files is needed. Also these shared objects will be listed in the RTL project and if they are not found then the module will be displayed as not found. You can also use the environment "List module clients" feature on the shared object to determine what source file(s) depend on the shared object.


The GTK+ GUI API interface provided needs various libraries. A quick look at the API interface files shows exactly what is needed by each API interface file.