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Modula-2 Tutorial

Foreword by Gordon Dodrill - March 16, 1987.

Coronado Enterprises Modula-2 Tutorial
Version 1.00 - (Generic Version)

This documentation and the accompanying software, including all of the example programs and text files, are protected under United States Copyright law to protect them from unauthorized commercialization. This entire tutorial is distributed under the "Freeware" concept which means that you are not required to pay for it. You are permitted to copy the disks in their entirety and pass them on to a friend or acquaintance. In fact, you are encouraged to do so. You are permitted to charge a small fee to cover the mechanical costs of duplication, but the software itself must be distributed free of charge, and in its entirety.

If you find the tutorial and the accompanying example programs useful, you may, if you desire, pay a small fee to the author to help compensate him for his time and expense in writing it. A payment of $10.00 is suggested as reasonable and sufficient. If you don't feel the tutorial was worth this amount, please do not make any payment, but feel free to send in the questionnaire anyway.

Whether or not you send any payment, feel free to write to Coronado Enterprises and ask for the latest list of available tutorials and a list of the known Public Domain libraries that can supply you with this software for the price of copying. Please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope, business size preferred, for a copy of the latest information. See the accompanying "READ.ME" file on the disk for more information.

I have no facilities for telephone support of this tutorial and have no plans to institute such. If you find any problems, or if you have any suggestions, please write to me at the address below.

Gordon Dodrill - March 16, 1987

Copyright (c) 1987, Coronado Enterprises

Coronado Enterprises 12501 Coronado Ave NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87122