Call Trace Window Basics

The call trace window shows you the chain of procedure calls to the current code location for the thread currently displayed in the source window. The order of the list is from the current code location first down to the oldest traceable procedure call in the thread. To display a specific call trace location you can double click the item in the trace window, or select the item and press the Enter key or access the context menu. The current execution location is not being changed, only the displayed location in the source window is changing.

You can also view the local variables for any procedure in the call chain. Use the call trace window context menu to access this feature.

A Post mortem call trace can be displayed if the file exists on disk. This file is created by the Call trace feature of the runtime system to save a call trace on unhandled exceptions. See Post mortem call trace.

Call trace context menu

Click in the sample window for more information.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Function
Enter Show the call trace code location in the source window
Esc Close the call trace window

Common Keyboard Shortcuts