The title bar of the source window displays quite a bit of informationabout where you are debugging in your program.

ImageName:: SourceFileName <ThreadId> [ThreadNumber] (T/F)

ImageName is the name of the executable image where the currentprogram location for the displayed thread resides. Normally this is the name of yourprogram executable file. However, if you are debugging inside a DLL this may be thename of the DLL you are currently debugging.

SourceFileName is the file name of the source file being displayedin the source window. If no source file is being displayed then this field will beblank.

ThreadId is the operating system thread id number of the threadthe source window is currently displaying.

ThreadNumber is the thread number assigned by the debugger tothe currently displayed thread.

(T/F) This field will wither be (T) or (F).  (T) means thethread is "thawed", meaning the debugger is allowing the thread to run.(F) means the thread is "frozen", meaning the debugger will not allow thethread to run.