Stony Brook Software Home Page

Hi, My name is Norman Black and I develop the Stony Brook Modula-2 compiler. This web page is designed to be a temporary measure until an actual company web site is created. This site is hosted on my own personal web access account space. I have not tried to design this page to look interesting or slick. I quickly put this together just get a certain minimum amount of information available to those who might be interested.

For a quick listing of features, capabilities and pricing of our Modula-2 development system check out our Product Information page.

Build number 31 is the current Modula-2 maintenance release. Release Notes.

For those curious to learn a bit more about the Stony Brook development system we have the help files available here for study. These help files do not have any of the context sensitive help information available for the various dialogs in the programs, but enough information is present here to get a strong understanding of what the Stony Brook development system offers. These are the HTML variants of our help files.

Development Environment Help File
Debugger Help File
Compiler Extensions

Portable GUI modules. These modules provide a cross platform capable GUI interface. Windows, Unix and Macintosh.


General Modula-2 information (