Rebuilding the Modula-2 runtime library

If for some reason you need to rebuild the runtime librariesyou should use the following steps. A batch file named m2rtl.bat exists in the installationdirectory. This batch file will build the runtime library for a specific targetedsystem. To select a system to build use the following parameters to the batch file

Win32 Builds the Win32 RTL
Linux Build the Linux RTL
SunOS Build the SunOS/Solaris RTL
X32 Builds the 32-bit DOS extended RTL
Win16 Builds the 16-bit Windows RTL
DOS Builds the DOS RTL.
All Builds all installed runtime libraries

You can run the batch file using the operating system Start menu,Run command. In the prompt for the Start menu Run command enter a fully qualifiedpath for m2rtl.bat and the parameter for the system you want to build. For exampleto build the Win32 RTL with the Modula-2 installation at "\Program Files\StonyBrook\m2" use the following Run command line.

"\Program Files\Stony Brook\M2\m2rtl.bat" Win32