Running your programs

When you want to run your program execute the Run command fromthe Build Menu. The environment will always compile any files as necessary, linkyour program if necessary and then execute your program every time you issue a Runcommand. In other words, once you have added your modules to the project the environmenthandles all aspects of building an executable for you automatically and transparently.

Program Stack size

For those targets which allow you to specify a stack size fora program, the stack size given the program is specified in one of two ways. Thedefault stack size or a specific stack size for a given program module. The defaultstack size is specified in the Project Options dialog. The specific stack size fora program module is specified in the Module Menu. If a program module has a stacksize of zero, the default, then the default stack size is used.

If your program takes command line parameters you can specify those in the Build Menu Program parameters menu item.

Default directory

Many times your program will need data files and other necessary information since it is part of a complete system. Usually your development files and the system you are developing will be placed in different directories just to keep, things separated and organized. The Build menu Execution path menu item allows you to specify a different default path to be used when executing or debugging for your program.