These icons act upon the development environment project itself.There are three development environment projects, one for each language, Modula-2,Ada95 and Pascal. The environment shortcut has the following command line


The shortcut has a default directory of c:\dev\sbe. Since thereare three projects in this directory, the environment will display a dialog for meto select which one I want to open. If a single project exists in a directory itwill automatically be opened.

The command shortcuts have the following command lines.

For Update M2 env

cmd.exe /c copy sbe\sbe.exe sbm2\m2e.exe

For Update Ada env

cmd.exe /c copy sbe\sbe.exe sbada\adae.exe

For Update Pascal env

cmd.exe /c copy sbe\sbe.exe sbp\ppe.exe

The environment is also copied to the main directory via a bootstrapoperation. These shortcuts are handy when adding something like an editor feature.Other more critical operations, such as changes to the build system, are only donewith the safety of a bootstrap operation.