What is the linker

After you have compiled all the modules of a program, you usesblink, the Stony Brook Linker, to link the modules and construct an executable program. sblink allocates memory for the code and data defined by the separate modules,and resolves references among the modules.

Stony Brook compilers produce object files compatible with thestandard for the target platform.  For 16-bit DOS and Windows as well as 32-bitDOS extended the Microsoft subset of the Intel object file (OMF) standard is used. Win32 uses the Microsoft implementation of the Common Object File Format (COFF). Linux and Solaris use the Executable and Linking Format (ELF). Any linker thatsupports these standards can be used to link Stony Brook programs.

This section is primarily intended for command line usage. Under normal circumstances, Environment users need only give a Link/Run/Debugcommand, and the environment automatically handles the rest.