Build status window basics

The build status window displays the status of a build operation. Build operations consist of compiling and linking application programs and libraries. The build status window operates like any typical dialog box, with various controls to provide an interactive environment with the information displayed.

Once started a build will execute through completion and will remain on screen. To close the build status window after the build has completed press the OK button. During the build, you can press the Cancel button to terminate the build before it completes. At this point the button will change to Waiting and the build will be terminated. Once all background build operations have terminated the button will switch to OK. Pressing the OK button will close the build status window.

If a compilation error occurs during a build the build status window is automatically closed and the editor is automatically opened as positioned to the error location for you to correct. Once you have corrected the error you can press Alt+P, which is the keyboard shortcut for the Build menu Proceed with last build menu item.

Note: If you are using an external text editor for errors editing then you may not be automatically positioned to the error in the file, of even be able to view errors. These operations are dependent on the editor you are using. It must be setup properly to parse the error file.

Pressing the Esc key is a keyboard shortcut for pressing the Cancel/OK button.

Click on the image below to learn more about the controls an information of the build status window.