Auto expansion and correction

The editor supports auto correction somewhat like MS Word.  Thisis really nothing more than a text equate and replace system from a dictionary thatis completely user defined.  This can be used to auto correct spelling errorsif you misspell a word the same way most of the time.  When I misspell PROCEDUREI always misspell it the same way.  You can also use it for simple text macroexpansion of common words or phrases.  First we need to explain how and whenthe equate and replace happens.

There are two entities.  The matching token and the replacementstring.  The token is restricted to specific characters, whereas the replacementstring can be any valid character sequence.  The token can consist of validModula-2 or Ada95 source token characters plus the '?' character.  When an invalidmatch token character is entered in the editor, for example the Space or Enter keys,the editor checks the source token previously entered, if there was one, and triesto match that to the items in the dictionary.  The match is not case sensitive. If it finds one, the match token in the source is automatically replaced withthe associated replacement string.  No commands are necessary for this to happen,it will happen as you are entering the source code in real time.

The dictionary is stored in the installation directory and isnamed UserName.DIC. The default user name is Default. A default dictionary is suppliedwith your system.  You can edit this file directly or via the AutoCorrect tabin the editor options dialog.

Auto correction file format

Typical text macro expansions could be



i? = "INTEGER"

e? = "END;"

?e = "END ;"