Using the History Archive

The environment has a feature you can use to track the exactchanges made to your source files over time. The History Archive feature is on theTools Menu.

You first create a history archive for your project. The historyarchive file has the same name and directory as the project file but with a fileextension of 'sba'. At this point the environment adds all source files to the historyarchive. Whenever you update a module in the archive the environment compares thesaved version of the file against the current version. If any differences are foundthey are saved and the new file version replaces the old version in the archive.At any time you can view the exact changes made to a given file at a given time.You can also undo these changes and revert a file back to its form at a given time.

If you no longer want the history archive you can simply deletethe archive file as long as the project is not currently open. If you want to purgeall old saved changes you can just re-create the archive file. The old file willbe deleted and a fresh new one will be created.