Using build numbers

The Stony Brook development system supports a mechanism to allowyou to easily maintain a build number. A build number is usually different than aproduct version number. Build numbers can be used as a maintenance release identification.

You specify build numbers via the Linker Options. You can havemultiple build tags, each of which can have a different number. You might have multipleproducts and each product would have its own build tag, and therefore its own buildnumber. Build tags are stored globally per installation and therefore all of yourproject files have access to the build tags. One of your build tags can be designatedas the default build tag, and you can choose a specific build tag for a project.If a project does not specify a build tag then the default build tag will be used.

The linker takes the value of the build tag and patches the linkedexecutable file with the value. At runtime you can access the build number via thevariable "BuildNumber" which is imported from the SYSTEM module/package..