Win32 development information


Platform SDK

You can download this or order a CD. It includes documentation and sample code. Having this is a must.

Microsoft Developers network - MSDN

This is available online as well as on CD/DVD via a subscription. It includes all documentation for all Microsoft SDKs and development products. It includes portions of books and contains articles from various Microsoft periodicals.


General Window's programming

Processes, threads, systems programming

Socket Internet/network programming

Web Links

Systems Internals
Code Guru
Winsock Development


The Microsoft newsgroup server has numerous useful newsgroups for asking questions.These newsgroups are self help newsgroups and not official support channels, although there are very sharp people who roam these newsgroups. The news server is, although these newsgroups will likely show up on your normal news server. The some commonly used newsgroups are

microsoft.public.platformsdk.base processes, threads, files, pipes, systems programming, etc.
microsoft.public.win32.programmer.kernel processes, threads, files, pipes, systems programming, security, etc.
microsoft.public.platformsdk.ui Windowing, messaging, etc.
microsoft.public.win32.programmer.ui Windowing, messaging, etc.
microsoft.public.platformsdk.gdi painting
microsoft.public.win32.programmer.gdi painting
microsoft.public.platformsdk.networking network, sockets, named pipes, etc.
microsoft.public.win32.programmer.networks network, sockets, named pipes, etc.
microsoft.public.platformsdk.com_ole  COM and Ole2 security issues for Files, Pipes, accounts, etc.