Distributing projects

You have a DLL or code library project that you want to distributeto others, with or without source code. This topic lets you know what you need tocopy.

For a code library build your code library into an object library.For a DLL project simply link the DLL. Once you have this done the following arethe files you need to copy to make the project functional.

The Project file (ProjectName.sbp).

The object library file (ProjectName.lib) in the same directoryas the project file.

All of the symbol files and the directory from the directorylisted in the SYM directory option.

For a DLL project, copy the DLL itself.

If the project you want to distribute imports other projectsthen you will need to distribute those projects with the project that imports them.Also it is a good idea to distribute the Modula-2 '.def' files or Ada95 '.ads' fileswith the project. This provides online documentation for the users of the project.