Organization of source code

There is a near infinite variety of ways to organize your sourcesource. There are two predominant methods however.

We at Stony Brook subscribe to the first method. For those usingthe common directory method you will need to change the search order between sourcefiles and modules imported from other projects to search imported projects first.You need to make this change if you want to use more than one project for your applicationsystem. For example, if you want to create one or more DLLs.

The directory options of the environment allow Modula-2 and Ada95programmers to separate the two parts of their compilation units(DEF/IMP for Modula-2,ADS/BOD for Ada95) into separate directories. This is not necessary and you do havethe option to organize with only one directory for both or a separate directory foreach.

Any of the above methods can have the source files on a networkfile server or on a local hard drive.

We recommend that you use relative directory paths at all times.Also make sure that all relative paths used be relative to the same "root"directory. The root directory need not be the root directory of a hard disk partition.When using relative paths you can then copy your entire system from one locationto another and everything will still be found and work.

For example consider this:

You have two directories. Release and Development. The two directoriescontain the released version of your software and the Development directory containsthe next release under development of your software. Within the two directories thedirectory and project structure are all identical.