Installation directory structure

doc Documentation files. For example readme.txt.
ads RTL ADS files common for a targeted platforms
adb RTL ADB files common for a targeted platforms
asm Miscellaneous ASM files and the assembled OBJ files
ads32 RTL ADS files common to 32-bit platforms
adb32 RTL ADB files common to 32-bit platforms
win32ads RTL ADS files specific to Win32
win32adb RTL ADB files specific to Win32
win32apiads Win32 API interface ADS files
win32apiadb Win32 API interface ADB files
dos32ads RTL ADS files specific to X32 32-bit DOS extended
dos32adb RTL ADB files specific to X32 32-bit DOS extended

File descriptions:

adaia32 The compiler for 32-bit targets
adae The development environment
env.hlp The environment help file. Windows only.
pipedexec, zip, unzip Used by the environment
sbd The debugger
sbd.hlp The debugger help file. Windows only.
sbdx32 The debugger for X32 32-bit DOS extended programs
analyze The profiler sample analyzer
analyze.hlp The analyzer help file. Windows only.
sblink The linker.
packit The debug info compressor.
sblib The object librarian
resedit The resource editor. Both 32-bit and 16-bit resource files.
resedit.hlp The resource editor help file
bmp2gif, resedit.vk Used by the resource editor.
win32api.lib LIB file to resolve Win32 api calls.
winstub.exe The stub program used for Win32 and Win16 programs.
sbdump A utility to dump binary files in a readable format. Objects, executables, etc...
rebase A utility to change the load address of Win32 programs. You can also arrange a group of DLL's so that they do not overlap, and therefore do not need to have fixups applied at load time.
stringdebug A utility to remove all debug information from COFF OBJ and LIB files.
diff A text file difference program.
whereis A utility to find a file in a given path.
search A utility to find a text string in one or more files.
switchname A utility to change Ada95 source filenames to and from long or short form.
replace A utility to update a file from one directory to another. If the file exists and the source is newer the destination is updated. If the destination does not exist then it is created.
template.* Files that are used as a template when creating new packages from the environment
default.dic The auto correct dictionary for the default user. Note: The default logged in user is named "default".