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Statements denote actions. There are elementary and structured statements. Elementary statements are not composed of any parts that are themselves statements. They are the assignment, the procedure call, and the return and exit statements. Structured statements are composed of parts that are themselves statements. These are used to express sequencing, and conditional, selective, and repetitive execution.

   statement = [assignment | ProcedureCall |
       IfStatement | CaseStatement | WhileStatement |
       RepeatStatement | LoopStatement | ForStatement |
       WithStatement | EXIT | RETURN [expression] ].

A statement may also be empty, in which case it denotes no action. The empty statement is included in order to relax punctuation rules in statement sequences.

Statement Sequences

Statement sequences denote the sequence of actions specified by the component statements which are separated by semicolons.

   StatementSequence = statement {";" statement}.



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